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About Us

Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, Intellithings was established in 2014, by Oren Kotlicki, son of Mr. Yaacov Kotlicki, founder of Visonic Ltd., a world-leading home security, PERS and RTLS solutions development and manufacturing company.

After 12 years at Visonic, as Head of Product Management and Director of Smart Home Market Business Development, Oren left Visonic and founded Intellithings.

In 2018, Mr. Avner Arbel, a RTLS (Real Time Location Services) market expert with more than 20 years of RTLS systems development experience, joined Intellithings as Director of R&D.

Envisioning devices and services that automate and personalize themselves to the person using them, Intellithings mission is to bring secure and safe person aware artificial intelligence to the home and beyond.