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Smart Presence Detection

For Small & Medium Businesses

Coming Soon!

Get To Know Your Employees With Advanced Time Attendance

Replace the unreliable manual entry and leave reporting with robust and accurate time attendance, based on real time employee presence detection.

In addition to accurate start of day / end of day time recordings, our presence detection solution provides extended data such as real time room-level presence and site leave and arrival events during work hours, which enables you to discover hidden unemployment.

Reduce Your Energy Costs With Presence-Based Automation

Put an end to empty room lighting and air conditioning by connecting our real-time presence detection to your office / building automation system.

Our presence detection solution easily integrates with 3rd party automation systems to provide autonomous device control, based on real time presence. When our system detects that a room becomes vacant, it sends a notification to the automation system, which can then turn devices off automatically.

You're In Control

Anytime. Anywhere.

Meet the Intellithings mobile application for iOS and Android

Our smart presence detection mobile application enables you to manage your site anytime, even from the other side of the world. It is also the app that employees use for registering themselves, their smartphones and smart watches to the system*.

*The system does not require the Intellithings app to run or be installed on employees smartphones after the registration.

RTLS (Real Time Location Systems), are the gold standard for accurate employee and asset location tracking in large corporates, but their total cost of ownership keeps them out of reach from small and medium businesses.

Our innovative and unique presence detection system adopts the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) approach that uses employees' smartphones and wearables for presence detection, to finally bring enterprise-grade RTLS to small and medium businesses.

Better Control Over

Your Business

Labor and electricity costs are among your highest costs, but those you have limited control over.

This changes now.


Our smart presence detection solution was designed with business owners in mind.

It gives you big data which enables you to optimize your work force, and integrates with 3rd party systems such as automation systems, to automatically reduce energy costs.

It's Amazing.

Got Questions?

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Our smart presence detection system for businesses is coming soon.


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