User-centric inactivity monitoring

Our user awareness solutions enable identification of possible personal emergencies based on room-level inactivity monitoring.


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Aging in place


According to the CDC, 1 of 3 adults at the age of 65+ fall every year.

Many aging in place adults avoid emergency pendants due to shame, and even if they have them, 1 of 5 falls end up with broken bone or head injury after which the falling person might not be able to call for help.

Our user awareness solutions enable fully automated, smart phone and watch based monitoring of users' room presence to detect when users do not visit a room during pre-defined expected presence times, as a possible result of an emergency situation.

Home return of


Our user awareness solutions enable fully automated, smart phone and watch based monitoring of children's home return to automatically detect when a child does not return home during pre-defined daily hours and alert parents about it.

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