Smart Energy Saving

Presence-AI Powered

The Energy Saving Challenge

You Never Remember

Smart home let you remote control your devices to turn them off, but do you even think about it, before you return home to find you've left them on?

A Constant Chase

Your children leave everything on when they leave their room and you gave up on hope that it will ever change. Instead, you do the "child room tour" to turn things off.

You Tried Motion Sensors and Gave Up

Motion sensors can't tell when a room becomes vacant. We all tried it and ended up seating in the dark while still in the room.

RoomMe uses Presence-AI to detect when the last person leaves the room to enable room vacancy automation.

It's easy to save energy.

Is the room vacant?

RoomMe detects when a user leaves the room and uses Presence-AI to determine if the leaving user was the last person in the room to send this person an instant reminder to turn off the appliances or to update the smart home controller that the room is empty.

RoomMe considers users as leaving the the room when they enter another room with a RoomMe sensor or their phone disappears from the sensor's scanning range (about 15m / 49ft indoors).

Knowing that the room is empty is the key for a smart energy saving.

When you receive an instant reminder to turn off appliances you can make sure you have not forgotten working appliances. A smart home controller that receives a notification when a room becomes vacant can automatically run smart scenes to turn off appliances or switch them to energy saving mode.

Effortless Energy Saving with Presence-AI

RoomMe provides the data that allows you to easily save energy!

RoomMe drivers are available for:

Everyone can enjoy the power of Presence-AI

RoomMe works with IFTTT to enable Presence-AI based IFTTT applet triggering for any IFTTT supported system or device.


In addition, the RoomMe app has direct integrations with an ecosystem of smart home devices and systems and allows you to create smart presence-based scenes ("charms") for these devices and systems in the app.


Upon room leave, if the leaving user was the last person in the room, the RoomMe app triggers the user-defined room leave scene.

RoomMe integrates with these systems and devices:

Earth Lovers

2 for 1: Save energy and help fight global warming at the same time.

People With Disabilities

A life-changing experience of not having to reach light switches, thermostats and other room devices!

Elderly People

Upgraded safety at home with automated light & thermostat control that reduces risky dark-time maneuvers!

Beyond Energy Saving

More Benefits of Presence-AI Room Vacancy Detection

Home Automation

RoomMe upgrades existing smart homes with a groundbreaking ability to detect who is in the room to automatically set room devices and dramatically reduce the need for voice and touch control.

Smart home promise becomes a reality.

Presence-AI Based

Aging In Place Safety Monitoring

RoomMe detects when an aging in place is not present in a room at times he/she normally is, and notifies a relative or a care provider.

Pendant-free & stigma-free solution for risk-aware adults

Presence-AI Based

Children Home Return Monitoring

RoomMe detects when a child does not enter a room at times that the child is expected to be back at home, and notifies parents about it.

The peace of mind any parent needs!

Presence-AI Based

Family Finder

RoomMe connects with voice assistants to provide an easy way to check who is at home or where at home a family members are.

Check who's where at home.

More Presence-AI Living Experiences with RoomMe: