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When there are several people in a room, by who's personal preferences RoomMe sets room devices?

When selecting who of all present users has control over room devices, RoomMe considers the following:

Room Master - RoomMe enables you to define, for each room, a user who is room master. Whenever that user is in the room - RoomMe sets the room based on that user's preferences.

Parents vs Children - Each RoomMe user is defined as either a parent or a child.  Whenever there is a parent in the room, RoomMe sets the room by the parent's preferences (unless a child is in the room and defined as the room master for the room). When there are two parents or several children in the room, RoomMe gives priority to the parents by their time of presence and then to children, by their time of presence.

As people enter and leave the room, RoomMe dynamically sets room devices based on the preferences of the person that has priority.



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