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Jun 3

During a Day/Night


Can someone explain to me how the rule works during the day or night? Is it the time I set in the first App Setup? If so, where can I manually change this time now? I didnt can find it now.


It would be a great feature if you could set it to work after my local sunrise or sunset. Otherwise you have to change the times every 2 months, "night" is here in Germany only at 21:45, then you need light here, in the course of August, it's back to 21:00 clock where you need light. That would be a really cool feature !! Thank you, you do a great job, keep it up


Currently this is fixed - Daytime is 6:00am till 6:00p and nighttime is 6p-12:00a

We will definitly look into converting this to sunrise and sunset based.


RoomMe Tech Team.

Jun 4

Nice to hear that, maybe it were nice to have an Beta App Channel to test new Features, im here:)