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Use the RoomMe API to create integrations of your own


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Mar 30

Have you Api into roomme ?




I am very interesting about project, I use jeedom domotique solution and would like if roomme have Api for talk with my jeedom box :https://www.jeedom.com/site/en/



We currently do not support Jeedom but we will be expanding RoomMe's ecosystem of supported devices and systems with future releases of the RoomMe apps.


Please vote for the devices and systems you would like to see RoomMe integrated with here.


Thank you,


The RoomMe Team.

christophe.coste6, It seems they've announced an API as of 2019.09 https://www.getroomme.com/api

New Posts
  • We would be very interested to see integration of your amazing concept product with the following: Arlo Smarthub for Ultra cameras and ZigBee and Z-Wave Plus products Tado for TRV's Warmup Plc for EUFH Hunter Douglas for automated blinds Schuco BlueCon Eve Systems for Smoke detectors and room digital read only individual thermostats Gardena irrigation systems Osram/Ledvance for Bluetooth mesh lamps Philips Hue for exterior colour lightstrips Apple Location devices soon to be launched Tile personal locators
  • This is the place for you to vote for the Smart Devices and Systems we should integrate RoomMe with. All you need to do is reply to this post with the device or system name. If it's already on the list, give it a like!
  • Nest integration has been completed on our side but for a while now, Nest will not authorize new developer integrations. We are currently waiting for Nest to re-open their integration program and will release RoomMe's integration with Nest ASAP once this happens.