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Mar 12

App Install Guides


Before posting, make sure to check our step by step installation guides for both Admin users and Joining users, in the support section of the web site.

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New Posts
  • From reading the setup guides and docs It seems the sensor LED should be pointed at the room entryway. In my case this is the front door opening to the kitchen. I have set up the sensor in a way that the LED is closest to the edge of the RoomMe device that is closest to the door. It seems though that all my notifications are reversed in that Entry events are Exit events and vice versa. Am I reading the guide correctly? This could be unrelated but I set up the device in another room and have since changed the room renamed the sensor and updated the sensor. Everything seems to work except for the direction events are reversed as mentioned above and the name of the sensor has not changed on the event notifications. (It has changed as displayed in the app and I have rebooted and updated the sensor). thank you for any help!
  • I am trying to connect my Galaxy Note 9 to the Room Me sensor but it remains on the "hold your phone close to a sensor" page on the app. When I press the sensor inner circle all i see is 3 green blinks and a red blink. help please and thank you.