Child Home Return Monitoring

Presence-AI Powered

Child Monitoring is Exhausting

Parent's Unofficial 2nd Job

Texting, calling or using location tracking apps to monitor children's location and to make sure they are back at home after school, a friend or a party is a time consuming and distracting task that every parent exercises every day.

RoomMe uses Presence-AI to detect when a child is not back at home at set times,

and notifies parents about it.

RoomMe uses the registered smartphone of the child to detect when the child enters a room.


In the RoomMe app, parents define daily times in which the child is expected to be at home and enter one or more rooms.

When RoomMe Presence-AI detects that the child hasn't entered a room during the defined times, a notification is sent to the parents.

Presence-AI Based Child Home Return Monitoring

Notifies Parents Only When There is a Reason For Concern

Home Automation

RoomMe upgrades existing smart homes with a groundbreaking ability to detect who is in the room to automatically set room devices and dramatically reduce the need for voice and touch control.

Smart home promise becomes a reality.

Presence-AI Based

Family Finder

RoomMe connects with voice assistants to provide an easy way to check who is at home or where at home a family members are.

Check who's where at home.

Aging In Place Safety Monitoring

RoomMe detects when an aging in place is not present in a room at times he/she normally is, and notifies a relative or a care provider.

Pendant-free & stigma-free solution for risk-aware adults

Presence-AI Based

Effortless Energy Saving

RoomMe detects when a room becomes vacant to remind family members to turn off appliances or allow smart homes to do it automatically!

Presence-AI Based

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