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Connecting RoomMe with IFTTT

RoomMe enables you to create room level, presence based person-specific applets on IFTTT, to connect your RoomMe system to 3rd party systems which RoomMe does not have direct integrations with.

To connect your RoomMe system with your IFTTT account, follow these steps:


Make sure that the email assigned to your RoomMe admin account is the same as the email you are using with IFTTT. To check the email you are using with RoomMe, go to Settings and click the pen icon (edit) near the admin user details at the top of the screen.


In the RoomMe app, go to Settings -> Options and enable cloud services.


Go to, login to your account and create a new applet.


Click on the + icon.


In the search bar, enter RoomMe. Click the RoomMe icon that shows up.


Click on Connect.


In the window that opens, sign-in to RoomMe using the RoomMe admin credentials.



Continue and create the applet based on room entry or leave. Here are some explenations to the RoomMe trigger fields:

Which user?

Select if the applet triggers for any user's entry or a specific user.

Which room?

Select if the applet triggers for entry to any of your rooms or a specific room.

On which day?

Select if the applet triggers for entry on a specific day of wek or on all days.

At what time?

Select if the applet triggers at all times or should it only trigger starting at a specific time of the day.

For how long?

When choosing a specific start time, use this field to set the duration of which the applet remains active. For example, if you'd like the applet to be active between 9am and 11am, set At what time? to 9:00am and For how long? to 2 hours.



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