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Artificial Intelligence

To Make Your Home Autonomous

In the future, machine learning may help a smart home to better understand people’s intent and to fully take actions that anticipate people’s needs.


RoomMe Sensor

  • In the box - RoomMe sensor, quick start guide, mounting kit including 3M Command strips for effortless, zero-damage mounting.

  • Sensor color - Matt white.

  • Sensor dimensions:

    • Diameter: 5.98 in / 15.2 cm.

    • Height: 1.77 in / 4.5 cm.

  • Mounting:

    • Location - Flat and horizontal ceiling. Diagonal ceiling not supported.

    • Flush mount: Fllush mounts available through Wall-Smart and sold separately.

  • Power source:

    • Two D-Type alkaline batteries (not included) for estimated 2-3 years of operation.

    • Optional POE/12V Adaptor (sold separately).

  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0.

RoomMe Mobile Application

  • Compatibility:

    • iPhone with iOS v12 and up.

    • Android v8 and up.

  • Max. number of users: 32.​

  • Max. number of rooms / sensors: 32.

  • Cost: Free. Available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store for download.

  • Integrations:

    • Direct control of Philips Hue, Sonos, Ecobee, Sensibo, Insteon, Harmony.​

    • IFTTT for presence-based IFTTT applet triggering.

    • Presence-based automation scenes triggering for HomeSeer via HomeSeer official driver and Control4, Elan, RTI, URC via RoomMe drivers by Chowmain Software.

    • Open API for 3rd party integrations.

To operate, RoomMe requires the RoomMe app to be running on users' smartphones at all times (in the background), Bluetooth to be ON on users' smartphones and that users' smartphones be connected to the home WiFi network or cellular network (depends on the type of integrations used). ​

RoomMe is not an emergency or medical device and must not be used for these purposes.

Technical Specifications



The Future TODAY

RoomMe is a patented multi-award winning home presence detection system, designed specifically for the purpose of making existing home systems, devices and services aware of who's using them. 

RoomMe uses smart room sensors (RoomMe sensors) to detect who's in a room, by smartphones.

Get your home the smart presence detection that makes it a future home.

RoomMe makes your home a future home, with a smart presence detection that brings the future of home automation and family safety today and makes your home ready for future person-aware systems, devices and services.


RoomMe is compatible with both new and existing homes. For more details and sales inquiries, contact us.

RoomMe has built-in artificial intelligence ("AI") that analyzes real time presence of family members to make person-specific insights.

RoomMe makes the future autonomous smart home - a reality today.

RoomMe connects with existing smart home systems and devices to make automatic adjustments to room devices based on who's in the room.


RoomMe's autonomous home feature is a winner of five smart home industry awards, including the precious CES Innovation Awards.


The autonomous, touch and speech free future smart home experience is so amazing and intelligent, that you'll think it is still you telling your smart home what to do!

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New! RoomMe brings autonomous family safety for true peace of mind.

RoomMe now detects and alerts about potential safety events of specific family members, and adds invisible family protection layer to your home.


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