It's about devices doing it on their own.

Smart home isn't about telling devices what to do.

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Releases you from the need to tell your smart home what to do. Makes it do it on its own.

It's Magic!

It continues with RoomMe's unique ability to understand if devices need to be adjusted.

Unlike other presence detection sensors, that simply trigger on every presence detection, RoomMe sensors have built-in artificial intelligence that considers room control priorities of all users who are present in the room to decide, in real time, if room devices need to be adjusted, and by who's preferences.

Yes, it's human logic built into a sensor!

It starts with RoomMe's core technology that identifies who is in the room.

Your smart home needs you to tell it how to act because it cannot identify that it is you in the room.

RoomMe sensors bring patented technology to identify, by users' registered smartphones, who is in the room.

Your Smart Home's

Auto Pilot

You walk through your home, and in every room you enter, light, temperature, music, shades and other smart home devices automatically set to your preferences. It's Amazing.

Smartphone-based presence detection keeps users' privacy.

RoomMe uses Bluetooth Low Energy (also known as BLE or Bluetooth 4.0) to detect the location of people by their registered smartphones. RoomMe cannot detect smartphones which were not knowingly registered to the system.

While this method might not fit everyone, since studies show that only 80%-90% of people carry their phone when at home, Bluetooth Low Energy has built in privacy and safety features that enable RoomMe to detect where registered users' smartphone are, without asking for identifying information (users can even use alias names or generic names), without recording images, video or audio and without sending any data out of the sensors!

RoomMe sensors are ceiling mounted.

Yes, it's a must. 

It is possible to have the sensors flush mounted into the ceiling using a 3rd party flush mounts for new and retrofit installations.

Registered smartphones need the RoomMe app.

RoomMe sensors work together with the RoomMe mobile application.

The RoomMe mobile application runs at all times in the background of users' smartphones. If killed, the user becomes invisible to the RoomMe sensors.

The RoomMe mobile application consumes less than 1% of the smartphone's battery a day.

RoomMe Facts



RoomMe Sensor

  • In the box:

    • RoomMe sensor.

    • Quick start guide.

    • Mounting kit.

  • Sensor color - Matt white.

  • Sensor dimensions:

    • Diameter: 5.98 in / 15.2 cm.

    • Height: 1.77 in / 4.5 cm.

  • Mounting:

    • Flat horizontal ceilings only.

    • Recessed mounting available via 3rd party RoomMe accessories.

  • Power source:

    • Two D-Type alkaline batteries (not included) for estimated 2-3 years of operation.

    • Optional POE/12V Adaptor (sold separately).

  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0.

RoomMe Mobile Application

  • Compatibility:

    • iPhone with iOS v12 and up.

    • Android v8 and up.

  • Max. number of users: 32.​

  • Max. number of rooms / sensors: 32.

  • Cost: Free. Available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store for download.

  • Open API for 3rd party integrations.

To operate, RoomMe requires the RoomMe app to be running on users' smartphones at all times (in the background), Bluetooth to be ON on users' smartphones and that users' smartphones be connected to the home WiFi network or cellular network (depends on the type of integrations used). ​

RoomMe is not an emergency or medical device and must not be used for these purposes.

Technical Specifications



Upgrade Your Smart Home With The Smartest Automation Experience

RoomMe upgrades existing smart homes to make them user-centric and autonomous. It's the future of the smart home - today.


RoomMe is compatible with both new and existing homes.

It ends with RoomMe's ability to make the required adjustments.

When RoomMe AI decides that room devices need to be adjusted, RoomMe connects to smart home systems and devices to tell them by who's preferences devices need to be set or directly controls them to make the needed adjustments. 

HomeSeer, Control4, ELAN, RTI, URC, Homebridge and Hoobs require RoomMe drivers by the manufacturers or by 3rd parties, some of which at an additional cost.

Alexa Who?

RoomMe Makes Your Smart Home Voice-Free

RoomMe is a smart room presence sensor that uses patented technology to identify, by users' registered smartphones, who is in the room, to make smart homes, for the first time ever, user-aware for proactive automation.


Designed To Be Installed By Everyone.

It's as easy as installing a wireless smoke sensor!


RoomMe sensors are battery operated and easily attached to room ceiling using the supplied 3M Command strips, no wiring, drilling or tools required!

To learn more, check the RoomMe Install Guide.

RoomMe is a winner of five prestigious smart home industry awards in recognition of making the smart home promise - a reality!

Simply Said, Your Smart Home Is

Finally Smart.

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