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RoomMe has a publicly available API for developers

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The RoomMe app integrates with an ecosystem of smart home devices and systems to enable you to create person-specific automations that automatically trigger based on room entry / leave to set devices to the entering person's preferred settings.

There are two types of integrations:

  • Hubitat Elevation

Learn how to connect your Hubitat system to RoomMe - click here.

  • Wink

  • HomeKit

  • Insteon

  • Logitech Harmony Hub 

Supported by RoomMe


This type of integration is primarily for systems and devices that do not internally support specific-people presence distinction. Instead, once connected to RoomMe, users can create personal presence-based automations (charms) in the RoomMe app and the RoomMe app directly controls the devices upon presence events.

Supported by RoomMe devices and systems:

Works with RoomMe


This type of integration is primarily for 3rd aprty systems that can receive and handle specific-people presence events. In this type of integration, RoomMe feeds the 3rd party system with room entry and leave events and the automations are created on the 3rd party system.

Systems that work with RoomMe:

  • Philips Hue

  • Ecobee

  • Sensibo


  • Bose SoundTouch 10

To connect with supported systems and devices, add them during the initial installation of the RoomMe app or via Settings -> Integrations.​

Click a system name for the driver page / explanation on how to connect.


RoomMe can connect with Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri to enable you to ask your voice assistant who is at home or where at home a specific family member is. With Siri, users can also manually trigger a RoomMe charm by voice.

Click a voice assistant name to learn how to connect it with RoomMe:


The RoomMe API is a local interface that enables 3rd party systems to receive specific-people room entry and leave events over LAN communications.

  • ​When a person enters a room, the API sends a Room Entry Event, with the name of the entering user as well as his/her control priority for the room.

  • ​When a person leaves a room, the API sends a Room Exit Event, with the name of the user that left as well indication whether that user has been the last person in the room.


Events are sent from the RoomMe app on the user's phone via WiFi to a local IP address of a controller / system. ​

To download the API document in PDF format, click here.


General Questions


How-To Guides