Home Return Monitoring

RoomMe can alert a family member when another family member, such as a child or an aging in place parent hasn't returned home during a set time period.

In the RoomMe app, family members can create personal absence charms that define time-based absence rules that match their daily routine:

Tip That Saves You Money!

Home return monitoring requires just one RoomMe sensor at the entrance from which your family members arrive.

Inactivity Monitoring

25% of people at the ages of 65+ fall every year. 1 of 5 falls end up with broken bone or head injury. 

RoomMe provides a stigma-free, pendant-free solution for people that live alone and want a family member to get an alert when they are not active at home at certain times throughout the day.

RoomMe checks the frequency in which the monitored person enters the room in which the RoomMe sensor is installed. When RoomMe senses that the monitored person has not entered the room at the defined times, it sends a text message to a family member.

Absence charms are defined in the RoomMe app of the monitored person and can be adjusted to the daily routine to avoid false alarms.

Tip That Saves You Money!

Inactivity monitoring requires just one RoomMe sensor at a centralized location where the aging in place parent walks when moving between rooms.

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Presence Reporting


RoomMe enables family members to use Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri to check which family members are at home.

Just ask "Who's at home?" or "Where at home is Ryan", and the voice assistant will connect with your RoomMe system and provide you with an answer.


Get RoomMe

For the RoomMe Israel store, click here.

  • In the box - RoomMe sensor, mounting kit and quick start guide.

  • Sensor Color - Matt White.

  • Mounting location - Ceiling.

  • Battery operated - Requires two D-Type alkaline batteries (not included).

  • No monthly fees - The RoomMe app can be downloaded for free from the iPhone and Android app stores.

  • Smartphones compatibility -

    •  iOS v12 and up.

    • Android v8 and up.

  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty.​

RoomMe is not a distress device and should not be relied upon solely for the purpose of identifying distress situations. The information provided by RoomMe is decision support information only. The data that RoomMe provides depends on the carrying of the phone or smartphone by the person to whom it belongs, with the RoomMe app running in the background and activating Bluetooth communication on the phone or smartphone. RoomMe requires the RoomMe app to run on your phone at all times. Forced shutdown of the app will cause RoomMe not to run.



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