Sight Sense for Homes

RoomMe is a patented, first-ever home presence sensing solution to identify specific people room location and provide amazing personalized automation and safety features.

RoomMe uses Bluetooth to identify family members by their registered smartphones.

Smartphone-based presence sensing is considered state-of-the-art in commercial places.

With the latest work-from-home and social distancing requirements, people at all ages make frequent use of their smartphones while at home, making smartphone-based presence sensing at homes – a reality.


Home Automation

by RoomMe

What just happened?

Imagine entering a room where lights, thermostats, speakers and other room devices automatically set to your personalized preferences, before you even get a chance to talk or press a button.

RoomMe enables your smart home devices to "see" you and adjust to your liking.

It's the smart home you've always wanted. 


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Family Safety

by RoomMe

Reduced Stress, True Peace of Mind

RoomMe's built-in child home return and aging in place parent inactivity monitoring features give your loved ones the sense of security they need most.

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In the future, machine learning may help a smart home to better understand people’s intent and to fully take actions that anticipate people’s needs.

Today, RoomMe takes us a step closer to that goal.

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Get RoomMe

For the RoomMe Israel store, click here.

  • In the box - RoomMe sensor, mounting kit and quick start guide.

  • Sensor Color - Matt White.

  • Mounting location - Ceiling.

  • Battery operated - Requires two D-Type alkaline batteries (not included).

  • No monthly fees - The RoomMe app can be downloaded for free from the iPhone and Android app stores.

  • Smartphones compatibility -

    •  iOS v12 and up.

    • Android v8 and up.

  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty.​

RoomMe is not a distress device and should not be relied upon solely for the purpose of identifying distress situations. The information provided by RoomMe is decision support information only. The data that RoomMe provides depends on the carrying of the phone or smartphone by the person to whom it belongs, with the RoomMe app running in the background and activating Bluetooth communication on the phone or smartphone. RoomMe requires the RoomMe app to run on your phone at all times. Forced shutdown of the app will cause RoomMe not to run.




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