Smarter Presence Detection

Innovative Detection Method

RoomMe sensors create a virtual Bluetooth entry zone at room entrances to detect when users enter the room with their registered smartphones.

Local Room Presence Controller

Every RoomMe sensor is an autonomous room presence controller that feeds the RoomMe app with real-time presence data to drive Presence-AI.

Smart App With Presence-AI

The RoomMe mobile application analyzes users' presence data to identify and alert about personal safety events and to trigger personal smart home scenes.

Next Generation Smartphone-Based Home Presence Detection

With Presence-Based AI For Personal Safety and Automation

In the future, machine learning may help a smart home to better understand people’s intent and to fully take actions that anticipate people’s needs.

Today, RoomMe takes us a step closer to that goal.

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Innovative & Patented

Patented and unique detection and control method.

Secure & Private

Specific people identification without the need for any identifying information.

Robust & Local

Local solution which does not require internet for presence detection.

Robust, Secure, Perfect!

No Compromises - The Best Presence Detection for Homes.

Home Automation

RoomMe upgrades existing smart homes with a groundbreaking ability to detect who is in the room to automatically set room devices to the personal preferences of the person in the room!

Smart home promise becomes a reality.

Presence-AI Based

Aging In Place Safety Monitoring

RoomMe detects when an aging in place is not present in a room at times he/she normally is, and notifies a relative or a care provider.

Pendant-free & stigma-free solution for risk-aware adults.

Presence-AI Based

Children Home Return Monitoring

RoomMe detects when a child does not enter a room at times that the child is expected to be back at home, and notifies parents about it.

The peace of mind any parent needs!

Presence-AI Based

Effortless Energy Saving

RoomMe detects when a room becomes vacant to automatically turn off devices or set them to energy saving mode.

Presence-AI Based

Family Finder

RoomMe connects with voice assistants to provide an easy way to check who is at home or where at home a family members are.

Check who's where at home.

Smarter Home Living

Personal Safety and Comfort, Powered by Presence-AI