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Home Presence Detection

Intelligent Automation & Advanced Family Safety

In the future, machine learning may help a smart home to better understand people’s intent and to fully take actions that anticipate people’s needs.


RoomMe is the first-ever professional presence detection solution for homes. It works locally and does not rely on internet connectivity which makes it highly robust. It does not use image, video or speech recordings so it does not compromise your privacy and security. It does not rely on motion so you do not need to keep moving to maintain your presence and it never thinks that your dog is you. It is patented and award winning, but above all, RoomMe takes home living,

to the future.

Assistance During Home Safety Alarms

When you're away from home and get an emergency alarm, such as water leak, smoke alarm or gas leak alarm, you want to know, as quick as possible, who's at home, might be at risk and can help resolve the emergency.

RoomMe works with voice assistants to provide you with the ability to ask who is at home, and get a fast answer.

Smart monitoring for true peace of mind

RoomMe's highly innovative artificial intelligence offers automatic detection of safety events based on analysis of family members' presence.

Child Safety

RoomMe offers intelligent monitoring that frees you from the daily concern about your child's home return.


Instead of you manually checking that you child has returned home, RoomMe can verify that your child has checked into a certain room at home during daily defined hours, and alert you only when your child does not return home on time.

Safety For The Aging In Place

1 of 3 adults at the ages of 65+ fall every year. 1 of 5 falls end up with broken bone or head injury.


RoomMe offers aging in place parents pendant-free and shame-free protection.

RoomMe can monitor the presence of family members in specific rooms, during defined time frames, to detect when a family member becomes inactive and alert another family member or care giver.

Intelligent automation for fall prevention

One of the main causes of falling is the need for seniors to reach appliances in dark conditions.

RoomMe makes aging in place's home a safer place by connecting with an existing smart home and smart light systems to automatically turn the light and other home appliances on and off based on presence.

Advanced Family Safety

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Have Questions?

We've created a FAQ to answer common questions that we get from customers.


In addition, RoomMe academy has short video tutorials that explain everything you need to know about RoomMe.


If you still have questions, contact us and one of our technical sales team members will get back to you shortly.

RoomMe Sensor

  • In the box - RoomMe sensor, quick start guide, mounting kit including 3M Command strips for effortless, zero-damage mounting.

  • Sensor color - Matt white.

  • Sensor dimensions:

    • Diameter: 5.98 in / 15.2 cm.

    • Height: 1.77 in / 4.5 cm.

  • Mounting:

    • Location - Flat and horizontal ceiling. Diagonal ceiling not supported.

    • Flush mount: Fllush mounts available through Wall-Smart and sold separately.

  • Power source:

    • Two D-Type alkaline batteries (not included) for estimated 2-3 years of operation.

    • Optional POE/12V Adaptor (sold separately).

  • Wireless technology: Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0.

RoomMe Mobile Application

  • Compatibility:

    • iPhone with iOS v12 and up.

    • Android v8 and up.

  • Max. number of users: 32.​

  • Max. number of rooms / sensors: 32.

  • Cost: Free. Available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store for download.

  • Integrations:

    • Direct control of Philips Hue, Sonos, Ecobee, Sensibo, Insteon, Harmony.​

    • IFTTT for presence-based IFTTT applet triggering.

    • Presence-based automation scenes triggering for HomeSeer via HomeSeer official driver and Control4, Elan, RTI, URC via RoomMe drivers by Chowmain Software.

    • Open API for 3rd party integrations.

To operate, RoomMe requires the RoomMe app to be running on users' smartphones at all times (in the background), Bluetooth to be ON on users' smartphones and that users' smartphones be connected to the home WiFi network or cellular network (depends on the type of integrations used). ​

RoomMe is not an emergency or medical device and must not be used for these purposes.

Technical Specifications



Intelligent Home Automation

You don't need to talk or touch anything. Just walk in.

It's Like Magic.

Smart Home Gets Person Identification

RoomMe identifies who is in the room by the registered smartphones of family members and integrates with your smart home to tell it when family members enter or leave a room.

Now, instead of family members talking, using an app or a touch screen to manually run automations that set room devices to their personal liking, your smart home can automatically run these automations based on who has entered the room.

And when family members leave the room, your smart home can automatically run an automation to turn devices OFF.

Your Smart Home Recognizes You

RoomMe brings powerful artificial intelligence that determines, at real time, based on who's preferences, of all room occupants, room devices need to be set.

Triggering person-specific automations by presence is an amazing experience which can quickly become a disaster when several family members are in the room, and your smart home can not decide based on who's preferences room devices need to be set.


As family members enter and leave the room, RoomMe tells your smart home based on who's preferences room devices need to be set. When the last family member leaves the room, RoomMe tells your smart home that it's time to turn things off. To decide which family member controls the room, RoomMe implements real-life behavior by giving priority to parents over children while also considering who has longer presence time.

RoomMe integrates with all major smart home systems and devices, directly or via IFTTT and has an open API for developers.

How does RoomMe identify people?

RoomMe uses the registered smartphones of family members to identify their room level location.

Are there any privacy risks?

No! RoomMe uses the Bluetooth signature of smartphones to identify them. It knows nothing about the actual user to which the smartphone belongs.

Can RoomMe detect people that do not carry their smartphone?

No. To be detected, people need to have their phones with them.

How many RoomMe sensors are required?

One sensor is required for every room where presence detection is desired.


A minimum of two sensors is required in every installation.

Will RoomMe work if the smartphone is off, RoomMe app is killed or Bluetooth is off?

No. RoomMe requires the phone to operate, the RoomMe app to run on it in the background and Bluetooth to be turned on.

How much battery does the RoomMe app consume?

Our tests show that the RoomMe app running on a smartphone for 24 hours consumes about 1% of battery.

How room control priority works?

RoomMe uses an intelligent priority system to dynamically decide who of all present people controls a room.


When programming the RoomMe system, you define every user as either a parent or a child:

  • When several people are in a room, RoomMe gives control priority to parents before children.

  • When two parents are in a room or several children are in a room, RoomMe gives priority by user type and then by the time of entry - whoever entered the room earlier, gets priority first.

In addition to the parent/child priority, every room can be defined with a "room master" - one user which whenever present, gets control priority for the room, regardless of being a parent or a child.

Must RoomMe sensors be mounted on the ceiling?

Yes. Each sensor comes with 3M Command strips for super easy and damage-free attachment to most surfaces.


RoomMe only works with flat horizontal ceilings. Its cannot work when mounted to diagonal ceilings.


Command Brand is a trademark of 3M.