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Simple. Affordable. Does not compromise customer privacy.

mipo Retail

Next Generation Proximity Marketing Solution

66% of customers make unplanned purchases and buy more than intended, when they have a personal coupon.

Increase purchase.

Increase marketing ROI.

Focus your marketing budget on the hottest customers, with the highest chances to convert.

Increase traffic.

Remind nearby customers of your current in-store promotions and surprise them with personal coupons.

We'll provide you with a cool branded retailer app that opens your web site and enables your customers to register to proximity marketing.

If you already have an app, we'll provide your app developer with the code required for proximity marketing to work with your app.

Way of operation.

We'll provide you with special purpose proximity sensors that detect customer smartphones.


You'll place one sensor in each store, near the entrance.

Sensors require wired network with internet connectivity and power to operate.

You'll manage your promotions from the mipo Retail management console, accessible anytime, from anywhere, via a web browser.

If you have an existing marketing automation platform where you manage your coupons and promotions, mipo Retail can work with it.

When detected nearby your store, your customers will get your defined promotions to their smartphones as a FREE push notification.

Paid text (SMS) messages can be used when the delivery of a push notification fails.

No matter how many times a customer passes nearby your store, mipo Retail sends one promotion per customer per day.

Why choose us?

Because customers prefer proximity based promotions.

Let's face it, people hate spam. And promotions that get to people out of context, are nothing but annoying.


On the other hand, promotions sent by mipo Retail get to people when they are shopping and nearby a store of the retailer. That's why people find these promotions valuable rather than annoying.

Because we do not require customers to open an app.

What are the chances that customers will remember or be willing to open an app every time they are in a mall or nearby a store, to get promotions?


While other proximity marketing solutions require customers to open an app to operate, mipo Retail detects customer smartphones and delivers promotions without customers needing to do anything but have an app installed on their smartphone. 

Because we comply with anti-spam laws.

Customers need to knowingly opt-in to proximity marketing and can choose to opt-out anytime (but they never do...).

Thousands of your customers pass outside your stores everyday, but choose not to enter.

mipo Retail enables sending these customers personal coupons and store promotion reminders, in real time.

Because we do not compromise customer privacy.

Other proximity marketing solutions utilize GPS to track customer location and cameras to detect customer faces.


These technologies severely compromise customer privacy.


mipo Retail only identifies that registered customer smartphones are in close proximity to a store. It does not track or record customer locations or biometrics.

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